People tend to learn guitar alone and hence the whole experience as a beginner can be somewhat isolating. Here at Twang, we want our student’s to be part of a learning community, where they can chat with other like-minded musicians on the same course, discuss the lessons, give advice on overcoming difficulties and ultimately showcase their playing. Paul intends to hold weekly Q and A sessions with students via a closed Facebook Group.

Was amazed how quickly I went from never having picked up a guitar to learning my first song. The course is so easy to follow.

J Reid - Arbroath

The course is an absolute godsend, and learning at your own pace makes it a pleasure to follow.

A Taylor - Lincoln

I was nervous about learning with a face to face teacher, but this beginners course is absolutely fantastic and takes away all the pressure

T Cranswick - London

I tried all the Youtube channels but there were gaps in my learning. This course backs up all the physical playing with the theory knowledge to go with it, but without being complicated or boring. Amazing course

D Longbottom - Sheffield

A great relaxed way to learn to play the guitar and the tutor Paul comes across as very personable on the lesson videos, there's none of all that pretentious razzmatazz you get on Youtube, just quality lessons. Brilliant!

M Wood - Portsmouth

Highly recommended if you're a complete beginner, and the Facebook group was really useful for whenever I was struggling

P Sutcliffe - Northants